Pure Water System



How Pure Water Cleaning Works

…explaining why CLEAR RAIN window cleaning has converted to the Water Fed Pole.

The Basics: DI machines produce Pure Water by passing the water through resin crystals, thus de-ionising it. With RO machines (particularly suitable for hard water areas) it is first passed through a special reverse osmosis membrane. This extracts the minerals from the water which would, otherwise, leave residue on the glass. Pure water is then stored in the tank and the pumps project the water along the hose, up the pole and through the nozzles in the brush head onto the glass. unique machine controls enable you to adjust the flow of water depending on the height of the job and type of work, thus saving water to enable you to work longer.

It is the combination of friction from the bristles and the strength of the now pure (deposit-free) water which does the work – CLEAR RAIN operatives are trained to use the correct technique to give the most efficient clean – then the brush is held a few inches away from the glass and the window rinsed from top to bottom, leaving it to dry naturally to a crystal-clear finish.

Although tap water looks clean, it actually contains a lot of dissolved chemicals and minerals. These amounts vary from area to area (Hard & Soft water areas). It is these minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium) that leave white residues on glass. The van fitted water purification system de-mineralises and de-ionises tap water to remove these impurities and produce pure water. Pure water is the best product to clean windows for several reasons: By virtue of the nature of water it does not like being pure and it strives to return to its impure state, therefore it actually absorbs chemicals and holds dirt particles, aiding the cleaning process.

Because of the cleaning strength of pure water you do not need to use detergents on the windows, plus it’s better for the environment.


Due to the impurities being removed you do not need to squeegee the windows, simply rinsing the glass after brushing leaves an excellent streakfree finish. Advantages of Pure Water Window Cleaning:

Did you know?

CLEAR RAIN can also clean these as well as windows:

Signage – Facias – Cladding – Garage Doors
Conservatories –
Sun Reflectors – Solar Panels

Safer – The high-reach poles mean you no longer
need ladders, and complies with new Health & Safety
regulations and working at height directive.

Efficiency – The finished result using Pure Water is
perfectly crystal clear, smear-free glass

Enables us to reach previously inaccessible windows

Does not cause damage to the garden or buildings

Reduces disturbance and protects the privacy of the
buildings occupants

You can clean the frames at the same time

Environmentally - friendly using only Pure Water

You DO NOT need any chemicals or detergents